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Texas VFW Department State Commander's Office Renovated

The Department of Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars recently completed renovations of the State Commanders office at the State Headquarters building located in Austin, Texas. The Department Adjutant/Quartermaster Roy Grona knew the renovation was essential in order for maximum efficiency within State Headquarters. “Over the last several years the Texas VFW State Headquarters has been undergoing renovations for the purpose of replacing wall paper, paint and flooring that have yellowed and faded over the last 33 years with the State Commanders Office recently completed,” said Grona. “This fully functional office allows the State Commander to have a full time professional office space where they can conduct business as well as meet visitors and guests as well as conduct meetings.” State Commander Peyton Lumpkin visited his renovated office to see the improvements. “The Commander’s office is a welcome addition to our Texas VFW Headquarters in Austin, Texas,” said Lumpkin. “The new office fills a need because of the numerous trips the Commander makes to the Austin Headquarters. He or she now has an official space from which to conduct business. It is very well done, and I am most appreciative of the hard work and thought by Roy Grona and his staff that went into providing the Texas State Commander a great office.” During renovations, many VFW historical items that were within the Headquarters building were rediscovered. Among the artifacts were items that celebrate the VFW’s 50, 75 and 100-year anniversaries. Pictures of State Commanders going back to 1921 are also on display as well as other historic items, awards and recognitions that the Texas VFW has received. One item in particular is the sign that was located on the Battleship USS Texas for over 40 years for the VFW Memorial Room as well as our original Department flag. “Every week the Texas VFW has dozens of its members stop by for one reason or another and almost all of them want to see the State Commanders office,” said Past State Commander Dan West. “With these historical items on display it demonstrates not only to the State Commander, but to all who visit the importance we place on remembering those who came before so those who come after have a legacy they can be proud of.” The Department of Texas VFW staff welcomes members and guests to take a tour of Headquarters to learn more about Department operations and to see the new renovations anytime they are in the Austin area.

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