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National Desert Storm War Memorial Association Receives Concept Approval of Design

Washington, D.C. – The National Desert Storm War Memorial Association (NDSWM) is pleased to announce the Memorial’s design concept has been approved by the Commission of Fine Arts. Concept Approval is an important step toward remembering the service and sacrifice of America’s brave men and women during Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield. Final Design Approval is the next step to make this permanent memorial in Washington D.C. a reality. Final Design will include detailing quotes, fonts, images, bronze sculptures, and carvings for the Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial. A press conference this week will feature the design’s unveiling and offer a comprehensive view for Washington D.C.’s next monument. Scott Stump, CEO and President of NDSWM said, “I, along with our entire team are grateful to receive Concept Approval for the National Desert Storm & Desert Shield Memorial from the Commission of Fine Arts. Our team has dedicated the past 12 months to develop the Memorial’s iconic and timeless design. Our eternal thanks go out to the entire design team, along with the Commission of Fine Arts, and the National Park Service for helping us reach this very important milestone.” The press conference will be hosted by William A. Scripps, Jr., Co-Founder and Managing Owner of Altstadt Brewery. Scripps noted, “It is a high honor and distinct privilege to partner with this organization. NDSWM is doing great work to assure that the victory achieved in 1991 and all who served and sacrificed are never forgotten.” CEO and President of The NDSWM Scott C. Stump and Architect Randy Schumacher, representing the design team, will attend the press conference. Press Conference Will Be Open to Public LOCATION: Altstadt Brewery, Fredericksburg, Texas DATE: Thursday, December 5, 2019 at 4 PM CT RSVP: Cindy Carnes at In 1991, the United States of America sent a powerful message of international unity and cooperation by opposing and ejecting Iraq’s occupying forces and liberating the peaceful nation of Kuwait. The multi-nation Coalition effort led by the United States Armed Forces during Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield was a remarkable example of American leadership, values, and sacrifice in the pursuit of freedom. The Memorial’s design will commemorate the historical significance of Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm while honoring the service and sacrifice of the United States military personnel who led the effort to liberate Kuwait while defending Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula. The Memorial is projected to be completed by 2021. Enabling legislation was signed into law in December 2014 by President Obama. In March 2017, President Trump signed the law authorizing the Memorial to be built near the National Mall in Washington, D.C., in an Area – 1 location. In June 2018, a site located near the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was approved. Since 2011, the National Desert Storm War Memorial Association (NDSWM) has worked to achieve its singular mission, construction of the National Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial. Our task is the completion and dedication of the memorial on Veterans Day, 2021. All efforts are backed exclusively by private sources. The law authorizing construction of the memorial prohibits the use of any federal funds to establish this commemorative work. NDSWM is a federally recognized, tax-exempt, 501(c)3 structure led by an all-veteran board of directors.

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