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Post Strategic Plan

  1. Mobilize our membership to become an effective team of veterans helping veterans. 

  2. Realize our battle strength - Recruit and retain over 1000 members.

  3. Connect with the newest generation of veterans including Gulf War and Post-9/11 veterans as part of the membership drive.

  4. Create more value-added opportunities for our members and auxiliary to improve retention and member satisfaction.

  5. Update the Post facilities through a capital improvement campaign to position the Post as the gathering place for the Houston veteran community.


National & State Engagement

Connect with the National, State, and District VFW Offices to ensure that resources, campaigns, and direction is filtering down to the Post level. The National VFW Headquarters has a paid staff with very professional resources that need to be utilized more frequently to ensure the message is heard by Houston veterans.

Local Engagement

Engage our Post membership through the creation of action-based committees.

  1. Align the committees with our goals to create a relevant and active Post that is exciting for current and potential members.

  2. Structure the committees within the Post leadership echelon so that the leadership structure can be more effective in delegating and enabling action.

  3. Break the work into bite sized pieces – How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Everyone has a small piece of the big picture, just like the military.

Programs & Objectives

Current Objectives

  • Agenda Committee

    • Establish an agenda for all twelve 2018 Post Meetings including programming like guest speakers or veteran education.

    • Organize the Voice of Democracy and Patriot’s Pen event.

  • Budget Committee

    • Digitize current record-keeping system for improved analysis and auditing.

    • Prepare the 2018 budget for the Post.

  • Recreation Committee

    • Establish at least six additional events for the 2018 calendar such as dances, painting classes, hikes, etc.

  • Membership Committee

    • Create a New Member Orientation Process

    • Update the Post membership roster and their contact information

    • Order recruitment supplies for placement in the foyer.

  • Benefits Committee

    • Committee members will familiarize themselves with the current Guide for Post Service Officers.

    • Committee will establish a contact method with the Webmaster so that veterans needing assistance can reach them.

  • Public Affairs Committee 

    • Webmaster will continue to develop the Post website.

    • Social Media Moderators will queue up scheduled posts so that we maintain a presence of 3-4 posts daily.

    • Photographers will fulfill the VPR requests and supply social media team and webmaster with photographs.

  • House Committee

    • Propose a plan for improved hours of operation to better fit our Post needs.

    • Establish Ladies Night & New Promotions

  • Building Committee

    • Connect with an interior design team to create a capital improvement plan. 

      • New Flooring​

      • New Furniture

      • Replacement of Air Conditioners

      • Movie Projector Installation​

Objectives for Next Year

  • Agenda Committee

    • Coordinate with District 4 Posts to establish a collaborative VOD and Patriot’s Pen event with more publicity.

  • Budget Committee

    • Conduct quarterly audits of the budget per VFW regulations.

  • Recruitment Committee

    • Create a recruitment table setup for use at events.

    • Attend at least six recruitment events including having a table at the Veteran’s Day Celebration at City Hall. 

  • Retention Committee

    • Establish a phone tree for internal communication with Post members.

    • Create a membership recognition program including birthdays.

  • Recreation Committee

    • Host community dances with dance lessons.​

  • ​Community Engagement Committee

    • Plan quarterly community service opportunities

  • VA Hospital Committee

    • Connect with Cooties to make visits and donate supplies.

  • Education Committee

    • Sponsor the Student Veterans of America for collaborative events. 

  • Public Affairs Committee
    • Create monthly email newsletter.

  • Building Committee
    • Have the Post membership vote on capital improvement plans.
    • Start fundraising for approved plan.
    • Apply for a Static Military Display.

  • House Committee
    • Create Initiatives for Post Children & Families​

      • Childcare Co-op for Events​

      • Parental Engagement

      • Improvements to the Children's Area​

Future Plans

  • Action Corps
    • Conduct membership briefings at the Post Meetings of current Action Corps issues.
    • Send representatives to DC for Action Corps events.

  • Recreation Committee
    • Sponsor a recreational sports team that members can join such as softball or kickball.

  • Health Committee
    • Organize healthy opportunities such as partnering with fitness groups to bring yoga, cross-fit, and other health related activities to the Post.
    • Plan health education topics for the Post Meeting agendas in partnership with the Agenda Committee.

  • Career Committee
    • Connect members with career services training, networking, and job fairs in partnership with other VSOs like NextOp.

Recent Post Improvements
  • Cigar Night for Vets Partnership

  • New Bike Nights

  • Patriotic Painting with a Twist

  • Yoga for Veterans

  • Tejano Dance Nights

  • New Canteen Lights

  • Kitchen Renovated

  • Local Takeout Menus Available

  • Jukebox Updated with New Speakers throughout the Post

  • Drink Prices Adjusted for Inflation

  • Nintendo Wii System Installed

  • iHeart Radio Spots purchased

  • Facebook Presence Updated

  • Reinvented, Modernized, and Mobile Friendly

  • At-Large Membership Roster Collected

  • The Post Bingo Overhauled - New Management

  • Smoke Removal - Cleaning & Painting

  • Removal of Clutter and Improvements to Post Appearance

  • Upgrade to LED Lighting throughout the Entire Post

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