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VFW Post 8790 collects school supplies for veterans' families

HOUSTON - As kids across the area head back to school, they're asked to bring a number of supplies with them.

However, not every family can spare the money to fulfill the need. That's where groups like Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8790 come in.

“Pencils, rulers, pens, binders, folders, construction paper, glue -- everything you could think of that a kid needs, we have it,” Hector Giron said.
As the service officer for this VFW post, it's Giron's job to help people when possible. That's exactly how their school supply drive began last year.

“We had a veteran who was in need of some school supplies, came in and let us know the situation.

We said we had some funds coming in and we decided hey, we might as well start this. It's a perfect time to do something like this since school's about to start up," Giron said.

They were able to help 15 families of veterans and those in need. This year they're up to 25 families, thanks to growing donations.

“Some of these are local veterans from the Spring Branch community. This is where I grew up, so I, you know, this is not a high-income community so I know that they actually need the actual help from us,” Giron said. Which, after five years of service and two deployments with the U.S. Navy, is what Giron is all about.

“That's just like being in the military. We take care of our brothers, brothers and sisters. Even though we're back home it's still the same thing. We're trying to help any way we can,” Giron said.

They do have extra school supplies and plan to give them out to families in need who come out tonight to their monthly hamburgers, hot dogs and karaoke night. Don't need supplies? You can still come to the event, which kicks off at 6 p.m.

All proceeds go back to the VFW, which ultimately helps fund programs like these.

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